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  • Product Name : 3.4mm diamond wire for Monocrystalline silicon
    Size : ZL-19
    Country of Origin : xiamen
    Contact : hether (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Features: 

    3.4mm Diamond Wire saw for marble cutting,the diameter is only 3.4mm.The advantage of our wire saw is the cutting seam3.8-4.0mm, which is only half of normal  wire saw.

    Beads: 28-30 per meter

    Hige Yield
    Less Consumption
    Energy Conservation
    Emissions Reduction

    Reduce Cost about $450-$3000



    1.Small cutting gaps and high efficiency for quarrying.
    2.High accuracy and fine definition for processing. 
    3.Convenient installation.
    4.Lower waste of quarry resources.
    5.Make the blocks more regular without internal injury.
    6.Low-noise,no-dust,friendly surroundings,safety operation.